Welcome! Considering a new dedicated hosting provider? These are the top, most recommended and reputable dedicated server hosting providers:






#1 1and1 $99 Visit SingleHop
#2 HostGator $139 Visit HostGator
#3 inmotion $199.95 Visit InMotion
#4 KnownHost $179 Visit KnownHost
#5 WebHostingBuzz $179 Visit Web Hosting Buzz
#6 coolhandle $59.95 Visit CoolHandle
#7 a2hosting $139.30 Visit A2 Hosting

Dedicated hosting is generally used by the people who require a large website.
When one wants to buy a server for oneself at the desired location, this type of hosting can be the key to it. It enhances the security of the website. It allows the user to install the software that he requires and reduces the dependency on the web host.
When there are a number of websites available for the customers, people have the option to switch over to another website if the downloading speed is low in the present website. So, dedicated hosting is fast and reliable and helps in getting more number of customers for one’s website. It is always compared with the shared hosting and with the better facility than the latter; it also has a high cost. The amount charged for this kind of websites depends on the requirements.